7 Dec


Remember the new due date of the final paper:

THE 17th, by 11:59 PM!

Also, fill out your online evaluations:

Also also, there is NO CLASS Tuesday the 11th.

Remember, email me if you have questions…


letter to my editor

29 Nov


For this week’s blog post, we are writing notes to the people editing our papers. Tell them anything you think they need to know, anything you are wondering/ worried about. What do you want them to focus on? Stuff like that.

You should have the papers read and edited and bring them back to class with you on Tuesday.

That’s obviously not going to happen, so instead, BY 2:15 on Tuesday, you should respond to the post written to to you (by the author of the paper you are editing). You should give the author some advice, critique, etc. If you would like to exchange papers in person, you may, but that’s completely up to you.

If your partner hasn’t posted their original post by now, you can just start your own comment and address it to them.

Second round drafts are still due on Thursday!


Road Trip! (field trip)

31 Oct

Here is your assignment (instead of Thursday’s class):

  • Go to the National Museum of American History (on the north side of the Mall at 13th St.) If you haven’t been there yet, shame on you. It’s one of my favorites.
  • Go to the “America on the Move” Exhibit.
  • Enjoy.
  • EITHER choose one piece from the exhibit, OR choose the exhibit as a whole to answer these questions-

How have different modes of transportation changed what it means to be American?

How does this specific piece (or the exhibit as a whole) speak to that meaning?

How does this tie into the American-ness of road tripping?

  • Post your answers as comments below by Monday at 5:00 pm.
  • Before class on Tuesday, read everyone’s posts!

Thelma and Louise & Fear and Loathing quotes

23 Oct

BETWEEN 1:00 and 2:15 on FRIDAY

Using the quotes you chose from the film and the book, construct an argument about the meaning of road trips.

Your post should look like it was taken from the middle of a larger paper. That means no introduction or context. Use the quotes within the text of your argument to either agree or disagree with your ideas about the meaning of road trips.  Remember the themes we discussed in class to drive your argument.

Homework for Tuesday, 10/23

18 Oct

Watch Thelma and Louise.

Read chapters 1-6 of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.


Write (and print out) a short discussion of why these quotes serve to agree with, disagree with, provide interesting context for, etc. your understanding of road trips.

You may interpret this very broadly. There are no hard ‘rules.’

Homework for 10/18

16 Oct

Choose a quote from the comments in the previous post to serve as an ‘argument source.’

Find a quote from the ‘exhibit source’ to either agree with or refute the ‘argument source.’ (If the the first quote is about On the Road, choose the second quote from the text of On the Road, etc)

Write the two quotes down (along with how they relate to one another) and bring them to class. You will be sharing.

Secondary sources!

11 Oct

Class! Before 11:59pm on Sunday you must…

Choose a scholarly article about one of the texts we have studied.

Choose one chunk (1-3 sentences) of that article.

On this blog – quote that chunk and explain why it speaks to your understanding of the text.

Before Tuesday, read everybody’s posts.


The Beats: responses

20 Sep

What, in your opinion, were the Beats (specifically Kerouac) striving for? How have they influenced the writers and culture of today? What does this have to do with the ideals of the Road Trip? Cite either On the Road or “Howl” to help make your point. Write at least 150 words.

Remember: this response is due by 1:00, Friday the 21st, and responses to the responses are due by noon on Monday!

Also: submit your Easy Rider papers to the “papers” section above and to the right.

Editing response 1

13 Sep

Hello all. I hope your first peer editing workshop was constructive, and not too terrifying. Please respond by 5:00 pm on Friday to the following questions about the peer editing process:

What was helpful?  What was not?  What do you think you will change?  How much will you change?  Why is peer editing a beneficial tool to utilize for good writing?

See you next Thursday.


12 Sep

Welcome to our new class blog.

We will have discussions HERE, so we can reply to one another.